Train timings of important stations

Mysore Rail Museum:A place where you can feel the pleasure of time that has gone by and witness the progress and development of Indian Railways.

The Railway Museum at Mysore, India is an outdoor exhibit of vintage locomotives. The Railway Museum was established in 1979 by Indian Railways, the second such museum after the National Railway Museum in Delhi. The museum is opposite the Central Food Technology and Research Institute on Krishnaraja Sagar Road. It has locomotives and a gallery of photographs and paintings depicting the growth of railways in India. Railway signals and lights are also displayed. The museum has a battery-operated mini-train giving a short ride for children on the grounds.

Sports played in palace premises

Model of locomotive

Austin Rail Car

Train Engine displayed

The ticket counter

Mysore Tourism:

When most people think of Mysore, what often come to mind are the Palaces, Cultural and Heritage and its History. But today Mysore has so much to offer that you may have to maintain an index about things to do and constantly upgrade it every other day. There are so many things that you can really do in Mysore. The pace of change the city is undergoing can drive anybody mad. As the city gets older its actually getting younger - there are so many more young people on the streets these days and its eventually extended the hours the city is open. Many people are finding that Mysore is a good place to be. Click to visit Mysore