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Architects, Consultants, Interior Decorators
Apart from offering the widest range of premium hardware from the leading manufactures from India and abroad,
Ashoka Hardware also provides many other essential services.
We have been in the
Plywood & Hardware trade for more than 3 decades We have worked in close co-ordination with all the leading architects / consultants. More than 250 such companies in our customer base.


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How do you benefit ?
*No ambiguity regarding products to be used.
*Elimination of constant queries from contractor / decorator for specs and approval of samples.
*Smooth progress of project without any last minute glitches.
*Application specific hardware used in entire project including all doors, windows, cabinets, storage etc.
*Ensures that only products which are freely available in the market are specified.


How we can help you?
*We scrutinize your drawings and suggest the suitable hardware for a particular type of application, leaving the selection of design to your preference and discretion.
*We prepare the specs sheet in accordance to your technical and budgetary requirements.
*We prepare the Documents Financial Estimates / Statements / etc.
*We provide information regarding the relative merits / demerits of a product vis-a-vis another.
We furnish samples at your office for easy and immediate selection.
*We organise any other services you may require like display of samples during the site meetings, liaising with other agencies involved in the due process.
*Up-to-the minute information regarding new product releases, etc.

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